Prameesha Abeysekera

Prameesha Abeysekera is a contemporary artist based in Calgary, Canada. Drawn to working with ink and other waterbased media she is a tactile finger painter who explores splatter and experimental techniques in capturing movement in her equine subjects.


After her Bachelors of Arts, Graphic Design: New Media, from University for the Creative Arts  (Epsom, UK) (2004),  she moved back to homeland Sri Lanka where she worked at her family stable and explored the horse using fingerpainting techniques. 

Immigration to Calgary, Canada and changes it brought urged her to seek relief in her painting, searching for the freedom of movement and expression horses have always given her. 

Exhibition highlights include:

'Wild Horses Can't Keep Me Away', Framed on Fifth, Calgary (Canada) |

Miniature Masterpieces Gallery, Calgary Stampede (Canada) |

Calyx Distinctive Arts (Canada)|

Galle Fort Printers (Sri Lanka) |

Geoffrey Bawa’s Lunuganga (Sri Lanka)| 

Al Fares (Dubai) |

Nuwara Eliya Race Track (Sri Lanka) |

Residence of American Ambassador to Sri Lanka (Sri Lanka)| 


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Prameesha Abeysekera

Photo Credits: Asha Clements Smart