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Horse Drawing Workshop Sri Lanka!

The Big Day is a matter of weeks away!

First time I'm doing an outline like this for a #workshop! And back in the tropical paradise that is home!

With a background in horse riding workshops, television and library programs (Storytime being key! :-)) this art workshop will have magic ingredients from all three!

Including group #games, #competitions and #drawingexercises with a chance to use horses as canvas (yes!! drawing on horses!) and models we will work on:

- Building a #horse with simple shapes;

- Creating form using contrast;

- Understanding line of movement and

- Creating movement in a drawing

Lots and lots to do in so little time!!

Aimed at the #beginnerartist but will be a flexible program to include more #advancedartists.

Promises to be fun :-) Interested? Drop me a message, email (, FB or Instagram (@prameeart)!! :-D

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