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Painting Flirty Scotch

Updated: Feb 7, 2022

One day a long time ago we release Scotch (aka Scotch Whiskey/ aka Hops Scotch/ aka the Big Flirt) out into the paddock to release some energy. True to form he flirted with the girls in the next corral and dashed about with bursts of speed and muscle, giving me plenty of fodder for inspiration in photographs. I was rifling through these a couple of weeks ago and stumbled on this close up of his face which captured me.

Scotch despite being a stallion was a calm soul and a huge flirt. He stole a piece of my heart with his big one. I can feel his gentleness in this photo.

Armed with babys naptime I stretched some Arches 300lbs paper on the board on the floor and lay the ground work by fingerpainting with inks. I love it when I can finish a painting at this stage but with a couple of hours at it with only the ink it still wasn't done.

After letting it dry over night I stretched it out on the wall and realised that his face needed to dominate the paper more. Working on proportions I used gesso to reclaim lose whites and charcoal and soft pastel black to deepen the shadows and crevices. I find it a little hard to hold back with the blacks so brought in an array of earthtones to balance the painting out. Most of this stage of the painting was done with it upside down so I would focus more on shapes and not be distracted by what I think I should be drawing.

Another two hours in and finally liking the direction of the painting. Thought I was almost done at this stage but a little distance helped. The last stretch is the most treacherous. Its very difficult to stop fiddling and sometimes more difficult to recover from oooppssies at this stage.

About a week later I get back to the painting with more details around the eyes and line work on the forehead. Turning the painting sideways helped see the ear needed some definition and couldn't help add some sparkle to the eye too.

Thought I was done at this this stage but finicky fingers and distance made me touch up a little more. Made his head tilt ever so slightly and defined the eye a little differently...

Finally I'm done!! Locking the painting up so I'm not tempted to touch up anymore!!!

Mixed Media (Acrylic Inks, Soft Pastel and Charcoal) on Arches 300lbs 27.5” x 21” Unframed-$870/- CAD

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