Expressionistic/ abstract fingerpainting with watercolor and inks of horses in blue ad sienna by Prameesha Abeysekera


Finger painting with Acrylic Ink and Watercolor on 140lbs paper

Painting Size: 20" x 16" 


A moment of inattention and a stable door was left open.

Sultan found his way to Loci's stable and the walls shook with their screaming.

Loci couldn't get away from the frenzied stallion, so crawled out from under the bars of the stables when he fell. (Not an easy task, even for a small Marwari!).

The fight went from stable to paddock to road and back with us feeble humans chasing the two as fast as our little feet would carry us. 

Hearts pounding and throats sore with shouting, we managed to separate the two with some strategic gate closing. 

Loci was thrilled to get away with just a few cuts, bruises, shock and trauma :-). 

Sultan, not very satisfied with the result, took the time to plot another attack another day :-S