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Started the new year with a bang in the studio with a spilling of alot of paint and letting the colors rule! It was exciting, liberating and hopefully a good beginning to a year of lots and lots of loose, expressive painting!

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Inspired by a rascal of a foal who grew into a rascal of a #stallion.

I am hitting a wall with this latest piece. Shelving it for a little while and coming back to it in a bit to hopefully finish. Something about his left eye is bothering me. Will get back

to it soon!

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Updated: Feb 15, 2018

This painting was inspired by a moment between #Champa and #Sonu. Both often cranky and short tempered the two were having a rare moment of solidarity and had become 'scratch buddies' for the moment.

'Scratch Buddies/ Old Friends'

Mixed Media on Paper

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