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Updated: Jan 30, 2019

The Wildest Heart

Tick, tock, the time draws near, it's almost here!! My first solo exhibition in Calgary!!! Yay!!

'Wild Horses Can't Keep Me Away!' will be full of finger- paintings of frenzied free horses in their inky landscapes :-)

Dates to Remember are:

Exhibition dates: 5th-30th of March at Framed on Fifth

Opening Night: Friday, 8th of March.

Painting Demo: 16th of March from 12pm-3pm, at Framed on Fifth

So very excited! Dream team Hannah White and Patricia Gustafson, gallerists, are helping me put out an incredible show. So drop by on the opening night, there will be snacks and drinks! Yum.. I will make sure to rustle up something with chocolate too. ;-)

Anyone interested in peaking behind the curtain? I will be giving a painting demo on the Saturday, 16th March from 12-3pm. It will be messy and fun! The perfect creative boost to the weekend! :-)

The show will run the whole month through from the 5th-30th March, and will be the first viewing of my collection for 2019. Hope to see you there!

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Seville was a mare who didn't foal when she was with us. A gentle giant next to the feisty, tiny dynamos that are the Marwari, she had a tendency to get all goo- goo eyed whenever she saw kids, of any species!

Once we walked into the field in the middle of the night and couldn't find any of our foals among the herd.The panic, the running around and then a torch finds Seville huddled in a corner shielding the babies. The moms didn't seem to care or just trusted her to keep an eye. I bet they loved the enthusiastic babysitter! 😃

Title: Shielding Her Baby Size; Unframed: 10" x 8" Available Framed: CAD $135/-

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