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Updated: Jul 4, 2019

Central Library display!! So exciting to have my horses parading at this beautiful space! Yay!! :-D

Artistic Entities arranged the show, pairing my paintings with the phenomenal horse sculptures of Gordon Pengilly.

I love libraries! I even work at one! The Calgary Public Library has been a port in a storm, a gathering of friends and a refuge at times! And always a source of inspiration :-)

On my first visit to the Central Library I felt like I was in a wooden space ship. If it took off and started flying I would not have been surprised. So modern yet warm and welcoming it is one of my favorite spaces in the city.

The window display looks amazing. If you are swinging by Central take a peak, it is on one of the outside windows this July.

Just 'Roam' by ;-)

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"Leap of Faith" - Fingerpainting with Inks on Paper 12" x 8"

I used to be a bit of a thrill chaser when I was younger. Show Jumping seemed to be made for me. That feeling of being suspended and moving through the air was the closest I have ever felt to flying. It was addictive.

A foolish, immature rider who didn’t know her limits, one day in the distant past, I pushed horse after horse and thought tired, got on the 5th, Power of Faith.

Our largest thoroughbred show jumper he made me feel like I was riding the wind.

And then he tripped..

I truly flew that day, over the fence, over the horse’s head and to the soft ground that embraced me.

The world went black and then I flipped over. The blue sky turned dark with his hind quarters as they came crashing towards me.


I felt myself sinking as the saw dust and soft sand shifted under our weight.


I could not stop till he got up and thankfully walked away.

That day changed who I am.

6 months on crutches and guilt of risking a horses life because I didn’t know when to stop will do that.

A horse takes a leap of faith with us, we should respect and cherish that, no matter how great it feels to take one more jump.

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